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The Purpose of CGI

“Going therefore, make disciples of all nations by baptizing and by teaching them to observe all-what-soever I have commanded them, for I am with you always, until the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Nothing is more important to us as believers in Christ than the Gospel. It is our sure and certain hope of life with God now and forever, but it is not only our hope, but a hope to proclaim to all who do not yet believe.

The past generation has seen the creation of a multitude of new evangelism methods and materials. Some were created to train congregational evangelism committees to present the Gospel. Others were developed for friendship evangelism: helping people share the Gospel with a friend, relative, neighbor or work associate.  These materials often provide excellent instruction for people to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, but knowledge by itself just isn’t enough. How often have congregations seen its members attend workshops and seen limited results? What is needed is not only information, but ongoing coaching, support and encouragement.

Admittedly, evangelism isn't easy, at least not at first. You may fear how people might react if you speak the Gospel to them, and this can keep us from starting. You may have already tried speaking the good news to someone, only to feel frustrated because you became tongue-tied or didn’t see immediate results. You may even have a lot of experience in talking to people about Christ, but may not know what to say to people who may not be open to religion or who already have a religion that is not Christian or authentically Christian. Even if you have a wealth of knowledge and experience, the task of reaching the world for Christ may seem totally overwhelming and you may feel very alone in your efforts to make a difference. Where do we even start?  National church bodies do foreign mission work and start congregations in places where success seems most promising, but there is also a need for outreach and missions in places with little authentic Christian presence.

The Christian Growth Initiative (CGI) has been organized to help address these needs. CGI is a new organization that is being organized to:

• Help prioritize and plan evangelism and outreach
• Provide evangelism and outreach training
• Create new programs, materials and strategies to address specialized needs
• Provide ongoing support to congregations and individuals through a structure where we can   accomplish together what we just can’t do individually.

The purpose of the Christian Growth Initiative (CGI) is to reach out with the Gospel where it’s needed most, especially where there is little authentically Christian presence. GCI seeks to accomplish this by:

• Doing and facilitating evangelism and outreach
• Facilitating new mission starts
• Providing Biblical instruction to those who do not currently have a Christian congregation  including areas where starting a congregation may not be a viable option at this time.

All we need now is you. This is an opportunity for you to grow in your knowledge of the Gospel and sharing the Gospel with others. It is a way for you to gather regularly with other people who share your interest in outreach, to encourage one another, to share your hopes and dreams of how God could impact your community, to make plans together, and to see God make a difference in the lives of people in your community.

Will you help?
Let’s make a new beginning together, and for proclamation of the Gospel where it’s needed most. By filling out the form below, you are expressing an interest in becoming part of the Christian Growth Initiative and offering your assistance and support. Let’s see what God can accomplish through us together.

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Purpose of CGI