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Christian Evangelism
Where the Need is Greatest in the United States

Christianity in United States

The United States is part of what is known as the “Christian World.”  As such, it considered to be more than 60% Christian.  There are a number of ways to calculate such numbers.  One way is to gather what churches report as their official membership totals.  Since not all members on the membership roster of churches are actually active, it is also helpful to look at the number of members reported as active.  Even then, churches may be hesitant to be completely forthcoming about the actual number.  A third way is to conduct surveys and ask people if they have a religion, and if so, to say what their religion is.  This is the method used in the map and tables which follow.  Though people may tend to overstate their religious involvement and may even report being a part of different religions in different surveys so that religious affiliation is actually double-counted, as on our Christianity pie chart.

christian population per state

The Christian population of each state varies from a high of 85% (Mississippi and South Carolina) to a low of 18% for Utah.  Though the “Christian world” is defined (see “World Need” page) as those places with a Christian population of 60% or higher, the table (below) lists four states with a Christian population (who identify with 16 groups listed) at or below 60%:

(1) Utah  18% Christian 78% non-Christian
(2) Idaho 58% Christian 36% non-Christian
(3) Washington 59% Christian 34% non-Christian
(4) Oregon 60% Christian 32% non-Christian

Five additional states have fewer than 70% identified as Christian and also a non-Christian population of at least 29% (members of non-Christian religions, non-religious and “other”).  These are:

(5) Nevada 65% Christian 33% non-Christian
(6) California 65% Christian 29% non-Christian
(7) Colorado 65% Christian 29% non-Christian
(8) Arizona 65% Christian 29% non-Christian
(9) Wyoming 67% Christian 29% non-Christian
All nine states are in the American West, which includes a higher than usual percentage of LDS
members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) that does not believe
in the
primary fundamental doctrines of Christianity.

Christian Religions

religion by state 1

Note: data in total Christians column is numbers from upper and lower charts combined

religion by state 2

Non Christian Religions

There are many different religions being practiced in the United States today, of which 22% are not Christian. Christian denominations may differ in some “non-fundamental” and even “secondary fundamental” doctrines.  However, if a religious group disagrees with the Bible on “primary fundamental” doctrines (the Trinity and the Gospel) it places itself outside of the Christian faith. 

religion by state 3




Christianity in the
United States

Christian Religions
in the United States

non-Christian Religions
in the United States